These are the games that were present at our 2019 show, we'll update this as we start planning for 2021!

Battlefield Trust

Battle of Guisborough 1643 - The Battle of Guisborough recreated as a 2mm/1:800th scale model, as part of the Battlefield Trust stand.  There will also be a display of weapons and equipment.

Border Reivers

Battle of Plum Creek - A (highly) fictional engagement set during the American Civil War where a British Intervention Force is sent to help out the Confederate States. A 28mm game using Pickett’s Charge Rules.

Brompton Bankers

Poland 1939!

Carrying On Up The Dale

The Battle of Ferozeshah, 21st December 1845: Set during the 1st Anglo-Sikh War, the Sikh army (the Khalsa) have crossed the river Sutlej and invaded British India.  General Sir Hugh Gough (Commander-in-Chief of India) and Sir Henry Hardinge (Governor General of India) are in command of an impressive army of Queen's and East India Company troops.  After an untidy victory at Mudki on 18th December the army is posed to attack the Sikhs in their entrenched encampment at the village of Ferozeshah.

Durham Wargames Group

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Cortes' conquest of Mexico, set around the lake in the Valley of Mexico.  This was one of the actions Cortes undertook prior to the siege of Tenochtitlan, played out using Sword and Spear rules.

Generals & Kings

Battle of Kursk - in 20mm using Battlegroup rules!

Grimsby Wargames Society

The Battle of the Dnieper was a military campaign that took place in 1943 on the Eastern Front of WWII.  It was one of the largest operations of the war, involving almost 4,000,000 troops and stretched across a 1,400km front.

Iacta Alea Est

Restaging the last day of the Battle of Leipzig, between France & Allies vs Russia, Austria and Prussia!  In 10mm, using Pendraken figures!

Independent Wargames Group

A large English Civil War battle in 25mm, representing a 'What If' scenario circa 1642.

Lancaster Cellarmen

Vintage 20mm Russo-Japanese War using Jacklex figures!

Old Guard Wargames Club

Bolt Action: Western Desert 1942.  The Afrika Korps, supported by the Italians, attack the 8th Army at Gazala.

Prince Bishop Wargames Club

El Cid Raiding Parties - Spanish and Christian allies trying to fend off Moorish raiding parties.

Redcar Ironbeards

WWII German invasion of the island of Leros on 12th-13th November 1943.  Played using 15mm figures and Rapid Fire rules.  Visitors are encouraged to take part if you wish!

Stafford and District Wargame Club

Operation Camargue – A Croissant for Uncle Ho!  Indo-China – Viet Minh v French Colonial forces using 10mm figures and pendraken’s blitzkrieg commander iv ruleset

Westerhope Wargames Group

The Battle of the Little BIg Horn and Reno's Retreat in 25mm!

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These are the games that were present at our 2019 show, we'll update this as we start planning for 2021!

Cozzmic Cakes

Cupcake Wars! - Always one of the most popular games of the event, come and have a go and win yourself a cupcake!

Nate Zettle

Blood and Plunder!  Brandish your cutlass and musket and prepare for swashbuckling adventure on the Spanish Main! Whether you’re marching your pirate army across the Isthmus of Panama as legendary pirate Henry Morgan or terrorizing the Jamaican coasts as the infamous Captain Rivero, Blood and Plunder is a game that is guaranteed to evoke thrills and capture the imagination of miniature gamers. 

Something to do With Dice

Tomb of Blood!  Vampire hunting in Victorian Durham using In Her Majesty's Name Gothic rules!

Tyneside Wargames Club

Operation Barbarossa!  A nice big game using 10mm figures!

Vince Usher

Carnevale! - The year is 1795, A great Rent has torn open reality and sunk most of Europe beneath the waves. Only one place stands untouched by the calamity: Venice.  Gangs stalk the canals looking for blood, the clandestine secret societies making themselves known, fighting to carve out their own territories.  A 32mm skirmish game

Yorkshire Coast Gamers

A 15mm Napoleonic game using DBN rules!

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