This is the list of traders pencilled in for 2021, we'll update this as we receive the booking forms.

Baccus 6mm
Comprehensive 6mm ranges and accessories!
Beanie Games
Hobby, Board and Card games, plus miniatures, toys and licensed merchandise.
Bow and Blade
Dice, paints, hobby tools and 3D printed miniatures and terrain.
Colonel Bill's
2nd hand figures, Depot Battalion, D'Arlo Figurines Border Reivers, Belt Fed Girls, Warbases Animals, Fighting 15's, Steel Fist Samurai, AB Napoleonics, EMP Games and GMT Games including Command & Colors!
Cozzmic Cakes
Wargaming/tabletop gaming themed cakes!
Dave Lanchester
New and pre-owned books and board games!
Eagle Figures
28mm Napoleonics and SYW.
Galloping Major
28mm wargames figures, T-shirts, scenics and militaria!
Gaming Figures
New for this year is the Blood and Plunder Pirate game, plus GW, Warlord, Army Painter, Plastic Soldier, Rubicon, Mantic, X-Wing, Infinity and more!
Graham's Wuerkshoppe
Wargaming and roleplaying, new and 2nd hand items.
Iron Gate Scenery
3D printed scenery for tabletop gaming.
Ironclad Miniatures
28mm Victorian Sci-Fi, 15/20/28mm resin terrain, trench systems and bocage hedgerows.
Last Valley
Wide selection of hand made terrain items.
Little Corporal
Lurkio and Splintered Light Miniatures, plus games, books and rules!
Marching in Colour
Professional painting service, covering all scales and periods.
Mighty Lancer Games
Reaper Miniatures, Wizkids minis, RPG books, wargames and dice!
Northumbrian Painting Services
Metal 28mm metal figures, resin scenery and wargames accessories.
Over 6000 products for wargames, with miniatures, paints, bases, decals, scenery and more! Including over 4000 products in 10mm scale!
Pit Gaming Shop
Mantic, GW, Warlord, Yu-Gi-Oh, Army Painter, Crooked Dice, Atomic Mass, Pokemon, Magic, Reaper and D&D!
MDF buildings, vehicles, bases, movement trays, Commando Miniatures, Bifrost Fantasy miniatures, Mininatur tufts and Antonine Miniatures!
Warlord Games
Huge variety of 28mm historical and sci-fi miniatures and terrain!