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Due to the constant demand for this part of the event, we've changed the Tabletop Sale process slightly.  Instead of half-hour slots, you can now book either a morning or afternoon slot, for £6 per slot.  Morning slots will run 10am-12pm and afternoon slots will run 12:10pm until 14:30pm (to allow time for the sellers to switch over).  Bookings are limited to one table/one slot per person.


You can sell any unwanted/2nd hand items directly with the visitors, answer any questions they may have, and also keep an eye on your goods. Once your time is up (or better still, you’ve sold everything!), you can walk away, cash in hand, and enjoy the rest of the show!

Selling slots can be booked in advance by contacting us using the Contact page.  The Tabletop is hugely popular so it's always best to book in advance rather then waiting for the day.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tabletop Sale is for 2nd hand / unwanted items only.  If you're manufacturing a product or buying in stock to sell, then you'll need to ask about a Trader table instead.

Booking is now open!

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